Brands are increasingly utilizing multiple online marketing platforms in order to reach consumers. One of the most common forms being utilized due to its efficiency and its effectiveness is email marketing. Fortunately, according to an analysis of e-mail marketing trends by Epsilon, a marketing services provider, and the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council, consumer e-mail open rates are holding steady even as the number of emails being sent out by marketers is increasing.

Email marketing has the ability to easily integrate well with other online media channels. Following are some ways that brands can utilize email marketing in order to tie in other online marketing platforms to help promote and leverage their brand:

1. Tie in Social Media: Include links to your social media platforms throughout your email campaigns. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, or other social media platforms, send your email consumers to places where they can engage more with your brand.

2. Promote Loyalty: Include information about contests and special deals in your newsletter. Make sure to also include these offers on your social media networks but always be careful to deliver a consistent message.

3. Promote Interaction: Whether you are attending a conference, speaking at a seminar, exhibiting at a trade show, or just helping out at a community event, it is important to let people know. These events are great places for your consumers to interact with you, so let them know when and where you will be and how to get in contact with you.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Website: Always include a link to your website in your e-mails. This will allow consumers to learn about the great products or services you offer, as well as your important updates and news.

5. Connect with Consumers: Include a way for consumers to communicate directly with you whether it is an email address, forum, blog or webinar session. This will allow you to gain subscribers and increase audience size. It is also a great way to increase awareness among consumers and allow them to feel connected.

What are some successful ways that you have been able to integrate your email marketing campaign into your overall marketing campaign?