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5 SEO Backlink Analysis Tips to Prepare for Penguin 3.0

Direct Agents SEO Specialist, Chanelle Harbin discusses how marketers can prepare strategies to avoid being negatively impacted by Google’s approaching Penguin 3.0 algorithm update.

by July 1st, 2014|Blog, News|0 Comments

Mobile SEO: Optimizing In The App-Store

Direct Agents Senior Analyst Alex Levin and Junior Analyst, Brendan Strauss give tips for App-Store optimization.

by July 1st, 2014|Blog, News|0 Comments

10 Website Creative Tips for Conversion Optimization

Direct Agents VP of Creative and Design Services, Brian Staples gives top strategies to boost mobile and desktop campaign creative.

Connecting The Dots For A Mobile-First World

Direct Agents Senior Yield Analyst, Nick Galante examines 3 potential game changers in the mobile advertising, app development, and innovator ecosystem.

Understanding & Navigating the Cross Platform Targeting Ecosystem

Senior Account Strategist, Jenny Sun explores developments in cross-platform targeting and what advertisers can do to take full advantage of emerging technology.

by June 2nd, 2014|Blog, News|0 Comments