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Service: Paid Search

Boxed, a wholesale grocery delivery service founded in 2013, allows users to buy bulk groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep. With their B2C sales rapidly growing in revenue, Boxed saw a lack of performance in their B2B sales in comparison to their B2C results. They approached Direct Agents with one goal in mind; to increase the number of new B2B users. Assuming that businesses buying from Boxed would be purchasing for a greater number of people, both Boxed and Direct Agents set the goal to obtain 100+ orders with an AOV of $100+.

Attract businesses by using highly focused keywords

Direct Agents emphasized building out highly focused keywords and ad groups, specifically on bulk and wholesale for B2B buyers. By creating highly relevant ad copy to maximize quality scores and to lower Boxed’s CPCs, the team drove a larger volume of traffic to Boxed’s websites at a significantly lower cost.

Finding and focusing on top performing business related products.

Direct Agents utilized analytics tools to determine the top performing business related products and built out ad groups and campaigns around these top products. Analytical insights allowed Direct Agents to get an in-depth look at site performance, such as how well the landing pages were performing, the quality of traffic coming to the site, pages per session, average session durations, etc. They were also able to understand each specific product being purchased by conducting keyword searches.

Continual testing and monitoring

Following the initial implementation, the team analyzed campaign performance by day and hour to make bid adjustments upon individual campaign performance. Direct Agents used the client’s spend in the most effective way possible to be more aggressive during peak hours and less aggressive during poor performing hours.

The Results

Boxed’s B2B sales had consistent growth month over month and improved tremendously on KPI’s. Within a three month period, there was a 255% increase in conversions and a 265% increase in revenue. Direct Agents surpassed the original goal of 100+ orders with an AOV of $100+ by 21%, proving campaign efficiency by its paid search team.

Increase your digital campaign results.

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