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Looking to promote their business solutions, Samsung turned to Direct Agents
for a digital marketing solution to help the reach key bushiness decision markers


Samsung is a well known global leader in high-tech electronic manufacturing and digital media. Always staying on the cutting edge with its product offerings, Samsung was looking to promote its Series 7 Slate PC to IT professionals and decision makers as part of its “Samsung Innovations- Easy Access to Smart Business Solutions” marketing campaign. Having worked with Direct Agents for several years, they turned to Direct Agents to implement a digital marketing solution that would help them reach their target audience.


Lead Generation

Prospect Email


Reaching IT professionals and decision makers was a key factor for success for the Samsung campaign. Direct Agents’ strategy was to promote the Series 7 Slate PC using Prospect Email marketing, delivering Samsung’s messaging directly into the inbox of business professionals. Having previously shown success with Prospect Email marketing for Samsung with BtoC campaigns, Direct Agents’ challenge was to select top performing email lists that targeted a business consumer.

After reviewing performance data from similar email marketing campaigns and analyzing its database of email lists, Direct Agents highlighted targeted email marketing lists that would best reach business professionals in order to generate positive results for Samsung. By starting off with a test campaign and then expanding the number of email recipients, Direct Agents was able to analyze and optimize the campaign.

Throughout the entire process, Direct Agents maintained an open communication with Samsung and with the email publishers selected to run the offer. This open communication led to proper campaign set up and timely email delivery schedules which coincided with Samsung’s promotional calendar.


Direct Agents was able to meet Samsung’s goals of reaching IT professionals and decision makers. The campaign received a 20% open rate and 15% click thru rate with clicks turning into sales of the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC. As a result of the success that Direct Agents was able to show, Direct Agents continues to be utilized to execute different promotional offers for Samsung including campaigns for additional business products and general consumer items.


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