• Dec 02, 14
  • Direct Agents

When it comes to marketing, timing is crucial. With the holidays fast-approaching, most marketers see a shift in strategy to accommodate the increased competition and clutter. Our Vice President of Business Development Mark Glauberson shares his top 5 tips on how to achieve programmatic success this holiday season.


  1. A lot of advertising dollars will be flowing into display in the next couple of months, which means increased competition. The bidding strategy that worked in October may no longer be able to generate the same level of quality impressions today or tomorrow.  Monitor the activity of your paid traffic and make adjustments to your tactics in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  2. 2. Use custom creative messaging. Utilize special messaging and unique promotions for the big deal days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Remember that people will have different priorities throughout the shopping season.  Emphasize deals and discounts earlier on, and guaranteed delivery and quick turnaround for last minute shoppers.
  3. 3. Target outside your norm.  People will be out there spending a lot of money for the holidays.  The pool that is “in-market” for your product will most likely be much larger.  Make sure that your targeting strategy is not too restrictive so that you reach all potential customers.  Keep in mind that gift givers may not match the demographics and behavioral patterns of your defined audience.
  4. 4. Have an aggressive retargeting strategy. Don’t let competitors lure those hand raisers away.  Your prospects are going to make a purchase, it’s important to understand how they arrive at that decision.  Now is the time to put a custom remarketing strategy together, which incorporates bidding and creative, to make sure that you persuade a large portion of those purchase decisions your way.
  5. 5. Keep the strategy simple, and the tactics complex. It’s very easy to overcomplicate when running Programmatic  We have a lot of great tools and information at our disposal, but it’s important not to overreach.  Define SMART goals, and basic, easy to understand strategies to achieve those goals.  “Engage prospects as they browse content related to gifting”.  At the tactics level is where you should be thinking about segmentation, personalization, targeting granularity, data application, and messaging.

By Mark Glauberson, VP of Business Development