• Feb 25, 15
  • Martin

It has been an interesting few weeks at Facebook HQ. Last Tuesday, the social network decertified more than half of the partners on the FBX exchange including Adobe, Quantcast, and Rocketfuel. This signals a seismic shift in platform strategy towards consolidation, and brings the total number of approved seats to just 12 partners. However, Direct Agents will continue to access both the direct platform and FBX exchange for our clients.

As the Programmatic ecosystem continues its global footprint, data collection, management, and optimization have become a top priority for the world’s largest publishers. Until now, Facebook has left the door open for data pass back with many of the top DSPs and tech vendors, but this recent move has opted to keep all user data in house within its API and RTB bidding platform, which will also include mandatory use of its revamped Atlas ad server.

This is a calculated move that will change the foundation of one the world’s largest ad platforms, and keep the most coveted user data silo’d within its walled garden.