• Feb 13, 16
  • Direct Agents

Making use of your data to better prospect and retarget your customers.

Remember the time when you were in France, and the street vendors were at your heels chasing you and attempting to sell light-up Eiffel Tower key chains while you held your bag closer to your body and took wider strides?

Now, remember that other time you were in France, when your Macbook Air charger broke, and you were frantically running around looking for an Apple store – or a knockoff brand?

Advertisers these days are using programmatic buying and selling to target the “you” that was desperately looking for a specific product. They understand that consumers are busy and have a specific item in mind when shopping and do not want to see irrelevant ads. They also recognize that shoppers are looking for the best brand and product, and so advertisers have begun implementing a programmatic approach that better prospects and retargets the consumer. 

Prospecting is the most effective strategy to get on your potential customer’s radar. It involves getting your brand in front of the right new customers and converging various data driven tactics into a single campaign. Some strategies include identifying various demographics, contextual targeting, competitor conquesting, and building look-a-like audiences.

Not only can we reach and target consumers of specific demographics across multiple channels, but we can also engage customers of your competitors to segment your audience base in the most effective way possible. Then, we can delve even deeper into your CRM list and build look-a-like audiences to broaden your reach of prospective consumers.

However, this prospecting has to happen across more than just one screen. We already know that consumers are tech-savvy and own more than one device; it is crucial to do cross-device targeting. A major luxury automotive brand retargeted viewers across three devices – mobile, tablet, and PC – and received a 15% higher conversion rate than if the ad were reached on a single screen. If you are an advertiser or brand without cross-channel capabilities, you are way behind the curve.

The methodology of prospecting, retargeting, and reactivating has proven to maximize spend and optimize brand performance and audience engagement. Executing a holistic cross-channel approach has demonstrated promising results as consumers now expect real-time responses while brands want to deliver personalization.

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