• Dec 02, 14
  • Direct Agents

Part I: iAD The last few weeks have seen interesting developments in the programmatic space. On Thursday, Apple announced a partnership with leading AdTech companies to incorporate first of it’s kind iAD platform into the automated marketing stack. This will allow advertisers to leverage Apple’s rich first party data across 500 million+ iTunes accounts, and most importantly, across all devices. In a world where target users are on the desktop at work, iPhone on commute home, and tablet when they finally get home, Apple has made a calculated move that will change the face of mobile acquisition and retention through the programmatic spectrum. As desktop has allowed the development and standardization of targeting specific audience attributes and behaviors,  mobile has lacked the accuracy of tying one user across all devices. Until now. Apple’s iAD will provide 400+ targeting options, including demographic, browsing patterns, app propensity, purchase behavior, and cross device retargeting into the programmatic stack. More to come in Part II.