To bridge the gap between the creative and the media, Direct Agents launched Digital Content Lab, an in-house creative hub.

Digital Content Lab inspires brands and their audiences through creative storytelling and design, brand strategy, and data-driven content. Our boundless creativity advances your campaigns to better achieve your goals.

Areas of Engagement


Content Management

We present a data driven strategic approach to content & community management across all relevant platforms consistent with the best times to post. From short form to long form content, we produce the most relelvant pieces true to your brand’s identity.

Video Production

From branded content, short form video ads, original production, 360 to augmented reality/virtual reality, our team of experts helps you identify what type of video is ideal for your brand.

Content Distribution Channels

We produce & distribute digital content for all of these channels (social, mobile, desktop, display & CTV). By leveraging various tools for successful content distribution, we optimize for the highest performing creatives.

Increase your digital campaign results.

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