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Our data-driven performance display ecosystem is engineered to find and reach the highest-value prospects at the times that they are most likely to convert. By leveraging marketing automation, analytics, data and our proprietary trading methodology, we identify a wide range of consumer intent signals, and activate audiences during peak moments of interest.

Our Methodology


Audience Discovery

Isolate core audiences and high value users. Identify demographic, behavioral and psychographic traits for those potential consumers.

Data Activation

Leverage our in-house DMP to centralize your marketing data and personalize customer conversations. Segment audiences, overlay third party attributes, and activate truly cross-channel media campaigns. Tap into our vast database for audience extension modeling for expanded reach of highly relevant users.

Testing, Optimizations & Scale

Initial launch of targeted segment microbursts and test based on assumptions, audience segments, and creative response. Optimize campaigns based on audience, platform, creative and messaging performance. Grow targeting strategy based on results and continue to test.

Targeting Strategy

Develop potential intent signals and targeting tactics to reach desired audiences across all platforms at efficient costs.


Data Management Platform

  • Real-time personalization
  • Campaign wide frequency management
  • Audience analytics and discovery
  • Path-to-conversion reporting
  • Custom targeting segments & audience extension
  • Cross-channel 1:1 targeting and tracking

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