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Reputable for its timeless designs since 1854, this brand pleases its customers with high-quality, innovative watches.


In 2014, a top iconic American heritage watch brand approached Direct Agents looking to increase digital presence with proactive affiliate recruitment of targeted partners in order to drive sales.


Direct Agents implemented a comprehensive sales driven campaign targeted at the US and Canada. A promotional strategy was developed to cultivate sales relationships with larger prescreened affiliates, technologically advanced partners and relevant content distributors (blogs, websites, etc.). Top partners received exclusive codes that allowed for increased targeting. Partners with additional technology capabilities were allowed to use their techniques to drive superior volume. Content sites received custom banners that matched the interest of their audience. Frequent newsletters are distributed in order to alert all partners of the best selling items. By doing so, placements and creative were optimized to best utilize initiatives for increased ROI.


Top partners include Coupon Chief Inc, Coupons.com, Coupon Cause and RetailMeNot, recording individual revenue growth as high as 179.86%. Due to the success of the campaign, Direct Agents has also partnered to drive sales for their UK brand as well.

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