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Mobile Advertising

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In 2013, over 63% of cell phone owners used their smartphones to go online. In 2014, it is expected that people will spend more time on their mobile devices searching and shopping than they will on their desktop computer. By 2016, there are expected to be almost 200 million smartphone users in the United States alone. With mobile traffic expected to surpass desktop traffic this year, a solid mobile advertising strategy is more important than ever these days.

Mobile Optimization

Direct Agent’s made mobile advertising part of its core competencies way back before mobile was anything special. We had a hunch mobile might become what is has today, and decided to dive into it sooner than later to stay ahead of the curve. Today, with our years of experience, the Direct Agents team has tried and tested every mobile network out there. We know what types of verticals do well with mobile, and those that don’t. So whether you have certain ROI goals, or need to back out to a specific cost per lead, cost per app install, or cost per sale goal, the Direct Agents team background and experience in mobile advertising will help take your mobile efforts to a new level with efficiency, and scale from the get-go!

Forward Mobile Thinking

Direct Agents truly grasps the performance challenges associated with mobile advertising. We failed countless times before we ever succeeded in mobile. But the difference of experience and time has paid off tremendously for our client’s mobile performance today. While others struggle to keep up with new mobile strategies, platforms, networks and market demands, the team of experts at Direct Agents is and stays at the forefront of mobile knowledge that instantly transcends into solid performance for our advertisers.

Direct Agents will work closely with your team to develop a sound mobile strategy that best meets the expectations of your needs and goals. Using condensed copy to fit mobile devices, ad extensions such as click-to-call, or location extensions, our goal is to give our advertisers the clear advantage in their respective mobile space, to keep them at the forefront, and to ultimately help them exceed their goals.



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