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Our Mission

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Our Story

Direct Agents was founded in 2003 by brothers Josh and Dinesh Boaz, who both shared a passion and expertise for entrepreneurship, advertising & marketing. When they were young, the Boaz’s immigrated to the US from India and Sri Lanka. In part, this move taught the Boaz’s the importance of a hard work ethic, passion, and innovation, which played a huge part in the development of Direct Agents.

Fifteen years later, Direct Agents still continues to expand as an independently-owned, digital agency with offices in NYC & LA.

The team is agile, collaborative, and driven to continue to learn and grow. Diversity is also an important part of the culture at Direct Agents. Our diverse team brings a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to Direct Agents.

Our full-service digital marketing agency innovates and specializes in customer acquisition solutions. Our data-driven approach to campaign strategy, combined with best-of-breed technology, allows us to identify and dynamically engage customers, while dramatically increasing the efficiency of marketing spend.

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