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The number of worldwide social media users is projected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018, so leveraging social media as a channel is instrumental in prospecting, retargeting and reactivating your customers online. Through advanced targeting and segmentation of your potential and current consumers on multiple social media channels, we can deliver the highest performing conversions & metrics for your brand.

Our Methodology


Audience Discovery

Identify the most valuable consumers by demographic, behavioral, psychographic and custom audiences.

Creative Optimization

Present your creatives with the most effective, optimized strategies for highest performing results within various targeting buckets.

Leverage Audience Data

Utilize first party & third party data to create look-a-like audiences, building benchmark characteristics from small to large-scale audiences, customized to each brand for more exposure.

Reporting & Optimizations

Perform continual optimizations towards all campaigns to meet rooted goals and KPIs.


how stream video ads facebook will affect video advertising industry


Facebook has been testing in-stream video ads within its ad network since May 2016, and after much success, it is now making in-stream video ads available to all Audience Network publishers that meet their specific guidelines.
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