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Paid Search


Paid search is and will continue be the fastest growing, most powerful channel in all of digital. At Direct Agents, we believe that power technology, constant data analysis, exhaustive testing and the right human behind the wheel are the only ways to outperform your competition.

Define KPIs, Budget Allocations, Risk Tolerance
Business Model
Identify Seasonality’s, Unique Selling Points, Promotions, Top Selling Products
Competitors, Trends, Opportunities, Weaknesses
...Hypothesize, Test and Repeat

Google Shopping Network

Through the Google Shopping Network, we manage campaigns down to the product level to surpass your performance goals through continuous testing and optimizations. Google Shopping has proven to yield a higher ROI.


Mobile Advertising

With such high mobile traffic these days, we define mobile advertising as one of the most effective advertising strategies. Read more

ROI Focus

12 years of successful customer acquisition experience backing every campaign.


Dynamic Remarketing

Our search experts continuously optimize toward these performance-based dynamic remarketing ads to turn those clicks into sales. We maximize the overall campaign performance and ROI with our comprehensive hands-on approach. These campaigns have up to a 450% higher click-through-rate than campaigns without.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

We offer an exclusive Gmail Beta, which markets by incoming email domain, content, demographic, location, job title and others. This targets over 100M Gmail users and bypasses the CAN-SPAM Act


Increase your digital campaign results.

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