• Jul 13, 16
  • Direct Agents

Pokémon GO has started a revolution in the App Store by taking the top spot, doubling the downloads of the dating application Tinder and generating more daily users than Twitter. This gaming application has not only marked its influence on apps, but it has also started to bring the online and offline worlds together.

This application isn’t just a game: it is a platform that both large and small businesses are looking to utilize for their marketing efforts. Some storefronts were lucky, naturally being a hotspot for Pokémon or even a gym to train and battle other Pokémon, and these locations are seeing a surge of foot traffic and an increase in sales. For those who don’t have the luxury of being a Pokémon hotspot, here are a few ways you can optimize the app to enhance your sales efforts:

  • Purchasing Lures: Lures increase the amount of Pokémon generation in the area. 100 coins on the app equals out to be 99 cents, and each lure you purchase will cost 100 coins for 30 minutes. Businesses are seeing increased foot traffic after purchasing a lure.
  • Advertise on Social Media: You can create paid advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, targeting only people within a specific geographical range. So whether you have one storefront or many, you can advertise the local Pokémon that can be found at your store and ensure your targeted audience that they can physically come to your store to find their Pokémon. 
  • Go Where the Pokémon Are: If you’re feeling very adventurous, you can find a spot that attracts Pokémon users, whether it is a local park or street. Be creative, and spread brand awareness whether it be setting up a pop-up store or offering discounts. To attract even more people, throw down a few lures in the area you set up to ensure foot traffic.

This is the beginning of a new generation of apps that require users to get up and move. Developers will start to think about how they can create a monetary way for businesses to take part in their application. Businesses, it’s time to catch them all!

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