• Dec 12, 15
  • Direct Agents

With the consistent growth of digital media, digital ad spending is expected to rise 17.2 percent by the end of 2015 at $160 billion, and an additional 13.5 percent in 2016, and eventually overtake TV as the biggest advertising category by 2017, according to the NYTimes.

Prepare yourself and be aware of the upcoming predicted marketing trends for 2016.



  • You’ve heard the phrase, “Content is King” for forever and despite the ever-changing nature of digital marketing, it still applies. Not only does it boost your SEO efforts but it also builds your brand’s image and allows for credibility. And now, with all these technological advancements and a rise of new media outlets, like virtual reality or social media platforms, there is an endless amount of opportunities to creatively engage your consumers through content marketing.


  • If your consumers are on-the-go, you need to be on-the-go. Simply optimizing your company’s website for mobile devices is not enough. Being user-friendly is something you should have taken care of in 2015. In 2016, we are expecting a growth in location-based marketing technology, like iBeacons, that can help target users at the point of engagement and increase chances of conversion.


Video/Video Ads

  • By the end of 2016, it is predicted that video content will account for nearly two-thirds of online consumer traffic. The increased growth and popularity of social media platforms and online streaming services provide diverse and ample real-estate for video ads to reach your target audience. And with multinational tech giant, Google, getting on board with in-SERP video advertising, users are becoming more accepting of online video ads.


Virtual Reality

  • When we were watching The Matrix over a decade-and-a-half ago, who knew that virtual reality would actually become a thing --much less one of the most anticipated mediums of online advertising. Virtual reality technology, like Oculus Rift, opens an entirely new channel for marketers to engage consumers in that never before seen, 360-degree experience kind of way.


Wearables and the Internet of Things

  • You’ve probably seen someone in your office sporting their fancy, new smart watch this past year and contemplated whether or not it was worth the investment. Maybe it’s a passing fad...or maybe not. By this coming year, research has shown that wearable technology will see a user adoption rate of 28% thus opening up another stream of data marketers can leverage and a new medium to connect through.


Apps, E-Commerce and Social/Ephemeral Marketing

With the new year almost on its way, it’s time for you to create your 2016 digital marketing plan. For any inquiries, please email us.