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Search Engine Optimization


SEO today goes beyond just keywords or rankings. With Google's ranking algorithms extending into everything digital, SEO today is complete Digital or Web Presence Management. At Direct Agents, our search team embodies innovation, creativity and accountability to optimize your digital footprint for both organic traffic and usability in order to achieve sustained performance and organic growth.

Our SEO Centers Around

Content Strategy, Development and Optimization
Technical Analysis and Optimization
Digital Awareness Development
Measurement and Accountability

Link Building Services

Backlinks work as the foundation of search engine algorithms, so we value the development of a strong backlink profile in order to maximize performance.


Google Penalty Repair

We fully repair any penalties by Google from previous black-hat or spammy tactics.

Content & Blog Management

We acknowledge the value of high quality content, which helps improve rankings and increase revenue generated through organic search.


Secure Search

Goodbye Keyword Data, Hello Secure Search. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are moving towards 100% secure search.

Competitive Analysis

We help identify your competitors and their SEO efforts to allow your business to capitalize on marketing opportunities that your competitors have already discovered.


Enterprise Technology

We offer a performance focused enterprise SEO platform that centers around content with keyword rankings and organic revenue tied together through our deep integration with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Ranking Reports and Onsite/Offsite Content Analysis.

SEO is Business Optimization

We perform a complete site indexation analysis and then employ custom research and analysis backed strategies to focus on keywords, content and SEO optimizations that will dramatically affect the bottom line. To maximize success early on, we analyze all keyword traffic over the last year (if available) in both paid and organic channels and prioritize our SEO strategy based on impact keywords. Simultaneously, we perform tests on new keywords in your Adwords accounts to quickly measure return and aid in our strategy for future SEO keyword investment.

We employ only white hat, time tested techniques and use a variety of proprietary tools to aid in our analysis and optimizations. Our analysts will examine and help develop custom written meta-tags, titles, on-page content, link structures and much more – page by page to maximize rankings. We run weekly keyword ranking reports to minimize the feedback loop with search engines in order to quickly make follow up optimizations to further improve keyword rankings.

Increase your digital campaign results.

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