• Jan 12, 18
  • Daniel Owen


Watch the Heads of our Search Teams (SEM, SEO & Analytics) explain the Direct Agents' process and methodology to data-driven, performance-focused digital customer acquisition. Hear from our experts about the unique differences that Direct Agents brings for their clients.



Daniel Owen, SVP of Search & Analytics, Direct Agents: What makes it such a great place and how we differ is really the passion, I think, of the team. I mean we've got people that really love search, that really love the industry. Each team member really takes responsibility, whether it be account setup, optimizations, and daily maintenance, all that goes into each account.


Justin Nabozna, Agency Development Manager, Google: You have the opportunity to be exposed to so much data, and with that data, you know, we're able to look at a lot of industry insights, you know, high view perspectives and provide a lot of tools to a lot of marketers.

What Direct Agents brings with that is the performance and the actual granular part of getting in the weeds and helping actual clients with their accounts. So if you combine industry perspective with the performance piece it comes together as a really great partnership and it's pretty much all a client needs.


Brendan Strauss, Paid Search Supervisor, Direct Agents: Consumers are really everywhere. They are across all the different channels and everything. So just being on search for instance, is not going to do it – especially if you're just on Paid Search. You want to definitely be on the SEO side of things.

We've started to work more and more and more with analytics to really tie it all together and prove why that is the case and why that's effective.


Joseph Sauro, Analytics Supervisor, Direct Agents: Analytics really helps identify the trends through the data that is being collected and helps us understand user behaviors and interactions. Tying all that data together across SEO, across Paid Search and any other marketing channels there are, helps paint that picture and helps better optimize strategies.


Jonathan Waite, SEO Supervisor, Direct Agents: SEO is the foundation for everything. If you don't have a good digital footprint, then your paid media costs are going to be very high, your website's not going to generate the revenue that you want it to, organically. From a technical aspect, it's not going to be user friendly.


Strauss: The old adage is SEO and PPC are better together. It holds true almost every time. Now imagine that same mentality with additional channels. It keeps going in that fashion and proves to be the best for the consumer wherever they may be.


Nabozna: Direct Agents is awesome at always wanting to know what the next best thing is. “Where’s the area that we can improve?” And I think that really sets them apart.


Owen: It's a lot of both internal growth that helps the team growth and helps the company growth. It's a great place to be working. DA search team is passionate.


Waite: Intuitive.


Nabozna: Innovative.


Sauro: Tenacious.