• Jan 23, 18
  • Direct Agents

At Direct Agents, our mission is to help define our client's future and success. With core values and a company culture that promotes passion, collaboration, and having fun, we believe that happy employees make happy clients. That's why we live better on and off the job with a variety of work perks that supplement our exciting company culture:

Flex hours like "summer Fridays" let us take full advantage of that beautiful summer sunshine; we also offer "work from home" days.

A fully stocked kitchen keeps us satisfied and energized throughout the day. Working late? We also offer "Seamless After 7pm" (and "Seamless for Early Birds" if you're more of a morning person).

"Wine down Thursdays," "Bagel Fridays," and monthly luncheons foster a strong company culture.

To keep our minds sharp and blood pumping, we have a game room, flexible meeting areas, and standing desks.

Interested in joining the team? If you’re looking for a fun and hardworking company culture visit our career page and check out our openings: http://www.directagents.com/careers