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Understanding Google's Mobile First Indexing

with Brightedge

In this webinar, Direct Agents and Brightedge spoke about Google's Mobile First Indexing. Google has been pushing for a mobile first world for a while now. With the recent release of their mobile first index, brands are now pushed to not only be mobile responsive, but also, mobile “optimized”. In this webinar you will learn how to get out in front of this important update.

Maximizing The Effectiveness of Your Paid Social Campaign

with facebook

In this webinar, Direct Agents and Facebook discussed how the increase of popularity in promoting content and advertising across social channels has made it increasingly competitive for brands looking to grow their business through Facebook and Instagram. This webinar addressed strategies for reaching and converting your target audiences efficiently and effectively in Q4 2017 and into 2018.

The Tangibility of Voice Search for Digital Marketers

with brightedge

In the last year, 20% of mobile queries were performed via voice search. However, with all this buzz surrounding the topic, most brands are still in the dark on to how to capitalize on the growing trend. In this webinar, Direct Agents and Brightedge discussed how brands can profit from voice search.

Beyond The Keyword: The Next Generation Of Search

with google

In this webinar, Direct Agents and Google discussed relevant answers to users queries has been almost universally profitable for advertisers. Google continues to develop its search engine from helping answer users questions to more simply helping users complete tasks and delivering far more personalized results over time to queries searched. The audience searching for specific queries may react differently to the answers provided, and current/near-future audience targeting capabilities are slated to revolutionize forward-thinking advertiser's search advertising strategies.

How to Leverage User Micro-Moments to Maximize your Brand Visibility

with brightedge

In this Webinar, Direct Agents resident SEO expert and the Director of Agency sales for BrightEdge, an enterprise-level SEO and content management tool, discussed what micro-moments are and how to utilize them to build content that will amplify a brand’s voice and establish its tone.

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