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Unleashing the Amazon Beast

As Amazon continues to dominate as the largest comparison shopping engine, advertiser competition grows with it. With Direct Agents, our clients find success by tapping into our data-driven omni-channel methodology, focused on paid and earned media, both inbound to Amazon and outbound to their own sites.


Our Comprehensive Amazon Solution

full service amazon channel management


Product Research & Strategy

It all begins with a comprehensive understanding of a business's current and future products. Analyzing traffic, sales, margin, and numerous other factors on a product-by-product level allows us to scope out where our impact will be greatest from the onset.


Amazon SEO

Leveraging semantic data from both Amazon and the major search engines, product pages are scrutinized and optimized towards all Amazon A9 Ranking Factors. This includes:



Search Terms



Additional Keywords & Attributes

With voice serach transforming the search world and quite prevalent on Amazon, all tags, meta data, and structured snippets are bolstered to allow for increased current and future potential of tapping into voice-driven search results.


Amazon CRO

Focusing optimizations solely on the "bread and butters" content within product pages will positively impact organic search results and increase conversion rate; however, through enhanced brand content pages, we are able to provide users with content in a far more engaging manner, balancing text with rich media (images, video, tables, diagrams, etc.) to deliver key selling points from the brand to the product level.


AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)

At Direct Agents, we are proponents on building the foundation before making significant investments in paid media.

As pages become optimized to be more relevant for relevant search terms and to drive higher conversion rates, paid media is able to hit the ground running, driving substantial traffic from search results through the use of Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads, & Product Display Ads.

As sustainable and scalable performance is maximized, the focus of paid media switches to test keyword coverage gaps between Amazon and a brands website. Additionally, inbound and outbound placements are tested.


Measurement & Optimization

Measuring our impact is vital for all clients. That impact can be measured in numerous ways and will vary brand-to-brand but includes:

Sales Tracking

Search Rank Tracking

Bid & Ad Optimization

Increase your digital campaign results.

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